Youtube4 YouTube Channels You Need to See

4 YouTube Channels You Need to See

There is definitely no shortage of content on YouTube. But, it can be time consuming wading through all those videos to find a real gem. Here is a list of some the YouTube channels you should never skip.

1.    Adam Savage’s Tested

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Mythbusters may be cancelled, but fans of the former host can still see Adam Savage in action on YouTube. This channel shows “anything that is awesome.” Some of his most viewed videos are his “one day builds,” in which Savage creates movie props and Nerf guns in one sitting. He travels the world in search of other inventors and gives them a platform to show off their creations.

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2.    Jenna Marbles

Jenna won the hearts of millions with her satirical and relatable video series. She took on subjects like “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to” and “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” Her special brand of awkwardness and self-deprecation has earned her a top spot on YouTube’s best list.

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3.    Dude Perfect

These former college roommates are living out everyone’s dreams. They challenge one another to impossible sports tricks and invent brand new games. It’s annoying how great they are at every single obstacle. If you enjoyed the television show Jackass, you’re bound to love this channel.

4.    The Slo Mo Guys

With a mixture of crazy experiments and the power of editing, the Slo Mo Guys bring a new brand of entertainment to the playing field. Watch in slow motion as popcorn is popped, or an axe smashing through a stick of deodorant. It may not sound like top notch viewing, but with over 9.5 million subscribers, they are definitely filling a niche that wanted them.

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